The Redmond location is permanently closed. 
We would love to see you at ArtChaos Montreal!

ArtChaos is closed.  

To our beloved Art Chaos community,

We are announcing the closure of Art Chaos Redmond, a decision shaped by our journey as a research and development hub for our Montreal (CA) location. These two years have been a remarkable adventure, thanks to your unwavering support and creativity.

Our mission in Redmond was always meant to be temporary, serving as a launchpad for ideas to be further developed in Montreal. As this chapter ends, we warmly invite you to join us at Art Chaos Montreal, where our exploration into the art of chaos continues.

For those with gift certificates, we’re offering exchanges for experiences like escape rooms or axe throwing in Redmond.
lease reach out via phone or email for assistance.

Though we’re saying goodbye to Redmond, the spirit of Art Chaos lives on. We look forward to welcoming you in Montreal and embarking on new artistic adventures together.

Contact Us:

  • Phone : 425 800 6662
  • Email:

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here’s to more chaos, creativity, and community in Montreal!

With gratitude,The Art Chaos Team


Spin art is an amazing experience, where everyone can feel like a real abstract artist!

Pour your paint on the canvas, create unique designs and patterns, then spin it all at 60 MPH! You'll get something completely new and unexpected! Add some more paint and spin again! Change it, tilt it, spin it, make it your own!

Forget about conventional rules! It's your canvas, do WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES!


"Very fun! I’ve never done this sort of art before. We were a little worried this is for kids, but 2 adults were able to have a great time with it. Cyrill  was great about explaining everything and letting us try different techniques on the practice canvas before doing the real thing. Highly recommended for a fun date or family activity!"

"This was an incredible experience. It was a great date place for my wife and me. Polleina was incredibly helpful!"

"We went to Art Chaos to spend some quality family time on our daughter's 12 birthday. We had a wonderful experience. Would definitely do it again!"

"My girlfriend and I tried Art Chaos and had a great experience thanks to Polleina. She welcomed us from the beginning and walked us through the whole process. It’s a fun date idea if you like to get creative."

Corporate Events

What could be more fun than exploring artistic side of your co-workers? Discover new highs of bonding, while sharing tricks and techniques in a creative chaos. Turn the music louder and swing or enjoy our lounge zone vibes. 

Birthday Parties

Kids, adults, everyone will spin from happiness! But don't forget about a cake, your private, Pollock-styled, table is waiting!

Special Occasions

Host your event with us! Whether it's a masterclass, a stand-up comedy, a bachelor's party, or something else, we do them all. Our catering, lounge and studio area could be converted to your needs. Just click the button below to get the details.


I don't know how to draw.

 Will you teach me?

You don't need to know how to draw, its not fine arts. You don't need any experience. Spin art is impossible to teach! We can only give you a few pointers to help you unleash you inner artist. The first step to success is to start experimenting!

How long is the experience?

When you book a session, you receive 60 minutes of studio time. Sometimes, your art will take 10 minutes to create, sometimes it will take 60. It all depends on you!

When can I take my painting home?

Thanks to modern painting-drying technology, you can CAREFULLY take your painting with you 20 minutes after your art-performance is finished. We'll also provide wrapping paper so you don't get your ride dirty. But we implore you to still be careful with your painting.

Does everyone in my party get their own Spin Station? Why is 2 the minimum amount of people to book?

Spin Art is a super fun group experience.  Each Spin Station is made for up to 3 artists. You'll be making your masterpieces together, taking turns, discussing techniques and ideas.

You don't play bowling by yourself or book a separate lane for each player, right!?

Can we bring kids?

Of course! We don't have an age limitations. However, we are artists, not babysitters, and won't be able to handle a rowdy soccer team by ourselves, so kids under 16 years old need to have a parent or a guardian on site.

How do we get ready?

We provide all the materials for you! Paint, canvases, aprons, shoe covers, gloves, and lots of fun painting toys!
Just don't dress fancy on your date! Paint flies everywhere in the studio, and we can't guarantee your cleanliness. 

Cancellation Policy

We require 48 hours notice, for a full refund. If you cancel within 48 hours, we can give you a credit, reschedule your session, or provide you with a gift card.

However, if you no-show, with no notice, there's no refund.







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